Aviation security

Aviation security

In accordance with the transportation security legislation individuals travelling on board of aircrafts are required to:

  • access the transportation security zone of the aircraft and air transport ground infrastructure facilities (hereinafter — the transportation security zone) in accordance with the rules of inspection, additional inspection and re-inspection;
  • adhere to the requirements of transportation security personnel associated with performance by them of their official duties;
  • inform the transportation security personnel about events or actions that endanger the safety of the aircraft.

Individuals travelling on board of the aircraft are prohibited to:

  • carry to the transportation security zone any items and substances that are prohibited or restricted for carriage on board of the aircraft;
  • hinder operation of transportation security facilities;
  • accept from other persons any material objects for carriage thereof on board of the aircraft without notifying thereof the transportation security personnel and undergoing a security screening procedure;
  • perform any actions that interfere with operation of technical facilities and aircraft personnel, including dissemination of deliberately misleading reports of events or actions that endanger the safety of the aircraft, as well as actions aimed at damaging (stealing) the aircraft elements that can render them unserviceable or threatening the life or health of passengers, transportation facilities personnel, transportation security personnel and others;
  • hand over to the third parties any documents that grant the right to undergo security screening in accordance with the special procedure;
  • enter the transportation security zone avoiding (bypassing) passages established by the transport infrastructure subject;
  • take any actions that imitate performance or preparation for performance of acts of unlawful interference in activities on the aircraft flight support;
  • use pyrotechnic products on board of the aircraft.

In case of detection of any violations of the transportation security requirements, please, immediately inform the crew members of the aircraft about it.