Classes of Service

Economy class
Business class
Passengers of the economy class are provided with a set of services for a comfortable stay during the flight.
Economy class of service is available on all regular and charter flights of the Airline performed by Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737-300 end ATR 42-500 aircrafts.
In flight:
Сold or hot meals
Refreshment beverages
On flights performed by Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 737-300 aircraft:
Cold meals on flights with the duration from 3 to 4 hours
Hot meals on flights with the duration more than 4 hours
On flights performed
by АТR 42-500 aircraft:
Cold meals on flights with the duration more than 3 hours
Social press to read while in flight
For convenience of passengers all Boeing 737-800 aircrafts are equipped with the business class cabin.
For those who seek maximum comfort and the highest level of service, at all stages of business trips or travels NordStar Airlines offers business class services. Business class passengers receive additional services and preferences throughout the entire flight — from the moment of checking in for the flight and to collection of luggage at the destination airport.
At the airport:
Business lounge services at the departure and destination airports.
only on regular flights.
Reserves check-in desk
Reserved security and passport control zone.
Delivery to the ramp of the aircraft by a separate transportation vehicle and priority deplaning.
only on regular flights
Increased luggage and hand luggage allowance.
In flight:
6 comfortable seats located in the front part of the aircraft separated from the economy-class cabin with a rigid partition.
Adjustable armchairs with a footrest and increased seat pitch for maximum comfort.
Travel kits with the items necessary on the trip, individual plaid blanket and pillow.
Selection of business and social press to read while in flight.
Special food ration:
vegetable, meat and fish appetizers, wide choice of hot dishes, delicious dessert. Individual meal serving time convenient for the passenger.
You can check availability of services at the airport
Business lounge
Reserves check-in desk
Private bus
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