Frequently asked questions

General questions
If I’m pregnant, until what term can I take a flight?

The Airline accepts for carriage pregnant women with the gestational age of no more than 35 weeks (twins — 32 weeks) as of the day of air carriage, subject to presentation of a medical report from the medical institution on the absence of contraindications for air carriage as of the date of the flight indicated in the air ticket not earlier than 7 days before the start of the trip.

If the pregnant passenger has no medical report, the Airline representative can send her to undergo a medical examination at the airport medical station.

How and where can I get a duplicate ticket?
You can obtain a duplicate ticket (itinerary receipt) by contacting the place of purchase of the air ticket or by calling the 24/7 contact center of the Airline at 8-800-700-8-007 (calls within Russia are free).
What time is indicated in the tickets?
Tickets always indicate the local time of the airport of departure. For example, if the flight is performed on the Moscow — Krasnoyarsk route, the departure will be indicated in Moscow time.
Are there any rows with the increased seat pitch on the plane?

Rows with the increased seat pitch are located at emergency exits that lead to the wing of the aircraft. Their location and numbering depend on configuration of the aircraft. To get exact information, you can call the contact center at 8-800-700-8-007 (calls within Russia are free).