Passengers’ stop-over along transportation route

Passengers’ stop-over along transportation route

A passenger upon agreement with the carrier may stop-over his/her transportation at an airport (point), stipulated in an itinerary receipt, at which according to air transportation agreement time between a passenger’s arrival to an airport and departure from an airport is over twenty-four hours.

A passenger’s stop-over along transportation route is allowed within validity term of the carrier’s obligation on a passenger transportation, provided that it is agreed in advance with the carrier, stipulated in a ticket and considered at calculation of transportation cost and, in case of international transportation, also allowed by state authorities of the country in the territory of which a stop-over is suggested.

If at transportation reservation a passenger has not declared about a stop-over at an airport (point) along transportation route, but wanted to make this stop and announced it at a transfer airport or at an airport where an aircraft lands for maintenance and/or commercial service and continues performing a flight by which it arrived to the airport (hereinafter “Transit Airport”), this stop-over is considered passenger’s voluntary refusal from transportation, except for cases set forth specified in cl. 5.1.1., and further transportation shall be continued, unless otherwise provided by the international contract of the Russian Federation, after a corresponding change of the contract of the Passenger transportation by air.

This passenger may continue flight only after reimbursement of AK difference in transportation cost and losses (compensation) from delay of an aircraft (flight performance) caused by unloading the passenger’s baggage from the aircraft if it was filed to the point stipulated initially in a traffic document. The fact of the passenger’s disease or death that does not allow him/her to continue transportation should be confirmed by relevant medical documents.

If a passenger makes a stop-over at an airport (point) along transportation route, his/her baggage is filed to an airport (point) of stop-over only and is subject to dispensing to the passenger at this airport (point).

If a passenger failed to continue further transportation from an intermediate airport through the carrier’s fault, the Airline is obliged to transport this passenger to the destination point by an aircraft performing the nearest flight planned under schedule and take measures to ensure security of the passenger’s unchecked baggage and personal possessions that remained aboard an aircraft. Additional fee for transportation of this passenger and charges are not collected.