Schedule, schedule change, flight delay and cancellation, transportation route, transportation route alteration

Schedule, schedule change, flight delay and cancellation, transportation route, transportation route alteration

7.1. General Provisions

7.1.1. Regular flights are performed according to air traffic schedule drawn up by the carrier and published in a computer database of air traffic schedule.

7.1.2. Charter flights are performed pursuant to a charter transportation plan (timetable).

7.1.3. Published air traffic schedule should manifest the following information on each regular flight:

  1. departure airport;
  2. destination airport;
  3. airport(s) located along transportation route at which an aircraft landing is planned pursuant to air traffic schedule;
  4. the carrier code;
  5. flight number;
  6. days of week when a flight is performed;
  7. departure time (local);
  8. arrival time (local);
  9. flight performance period;
  10. aircraft type(s).

Air traffic schedule may contain other information.

7.1.4. The carrier may cancel or delay a flight stipulated in a ticket and air waybill, change an aircraft type, change a transportation route, if it is urged by terms of flight safety and/or air safety and upon request of state authorities pursuant to their competence.

7.1.5. In case of changing air traffic schedule, the carrier should take all possible measures to inform by any available means passengers and consigners, with whom a passenger air transportation agreement or a cargo air transportation agreement has been concluded, about the change of air traffic schedule.

7.1.6. Passengers, baggage and cargo transportation is performed between departure, transfer (stop) and destination airports (points) stipulated in a traffic document in the settled sequence (hereinafter “Transportation Route”). A transportation route stipulated in traffic documents may be altered upon agreement between the carrier and a passenger, a consigner. In case of a passenger’s alteration of a transportation route, the carrier may recalculate transportation cost.

7.1.7. In case it is impossible to deliver a passenger by a flight stipulated in a ticket, the Carrier may upon the passenger’s agreement:

  1. transport a passenger by another flight to the destination point stipulated in a traffic document;
  2. transfer him/her for transportation to another Carrier;
  3. arrange transportation by another type of transport;
  4. return sums pursuant to Regulations for Air Transportation settled by the Carrier.

7.1.8. If for reasons beyond the Carrier’s control aircraft lands in a point that is not contemplated by the schedule, the Carrier is obliged at its own expense transport a Passenger and cargo by another flight from aircraft landing point to the destination airport. In case aircraft Passenger transportation is impossible, the Carrier is obliged to ensure his/her transportation by other types of transport or recalculate the Passenger’s payment for transportation.

7.1.9. If the carrier cannot perform transportation between settlements stipulated in traffic documents, the carrier should offer another transportation route to a passenger and in case of the passenger’s refusal to pay back cost of transportation according to these Regulations. Charge for a traffic document reissue is collected pursuant to rates application terms.

7.1.11. The Carrier bears no liability for distortions, mistakes or omissions in schedules published by other legal entities without the Carrier’s approval.

7.1.12. Charter flights are performed by the Carrier on the basis of a previously agreed flight plan pursuant to transportation terms set forth in a charter transportation agreement.