Transportation of animals

In accordance with the NordStar Airlines Rules of Passenger and Luggage Air Service, adult passengers are allowed to carry pets (pet birds).

The passenger travelling with an animal must have and present when checking in the valid animal health documents (certificates) issued by the competent veterinary authorities. Dimensions of a cage or container shall allow the animal to stand upright, turn around. Bottom of the cage or container must be solid, waterproof and covered with absorbent material. The cage or container must prevent spillage of the absorbent material. The bird cage shall be covered with a dense light-tight cloth.

If your pet (together with the container or cage) weighs more than 8 kg, it can be transported in the luggage compartment of the aircraft. The service is paid at the excess luggage fare.

You can book the service for transportation of pets in the aircraft cabin, if your pet weighs no more than 8 kg (together with the container or cage) and the sum of three dimensions (length + height + width) of the container (cage) shall not exceed 115 cm, however the height of the container (cage) shall not exceed 20 cm.

When carrying animals (birds) in the aircraft cabin the following restrictions apply:

  1. On Boeing 737 – no more than 7 animals (birds), of which: no more than 1 in the business class, no more than 6 in the economy class;
  2. On ATR 42-500 – no more than 4 animals (birds).

The cost of the service is calculated using oversize baggage tariff and is available when booking tickets for all NordStar flights.


If your pet (together with the container or cage) weighs more than 32 kg and you plan to fly by a NordStar Airlines charter flight, the pet transportation service is not provided.