Carriage of unaccompanied minors

Carriage of unaccompanied minors

«Unaccompanied Minor» service is available on all NordStar Airlines domestic regular flights and applies to children age 7 to 12.

If parents are unable to accompany the child, this responsibility will be assumed by NordStar Airlines representatives. For this purpose, when buying a ticket for domestic regular flights of NordStar Airlines parents should inform the agency manager of their desire to use the “Unaccompanied Minor” service and execute a written application for carriage of the unaccompanied child. The service commences from the moment of handing of the child over to the NordStar Airlines representative at the airport, after which the child will be under constant supervision not only at the airport, but also when boarding and throughout the entire flight, until the child is handed over to meeters and greeters at the destination airport.

Carriage of unaccompanied minors is charged at 70% of the basic economic class fare for children from 7 to 12 years old.

For carriage of the unaccompanied minor please fill in the form of AGREEMENT FOR UNACCOMPANIED MINOR CARRIAGE and print 6 copies.

Preliminary execution of documents will allow parents to prepare the documents well in advance in the comfortable environment and minimize the time for execution of documents for carriage of the unaccompanied minor at the airport. This is particularly true in the periods of mass departure for summer vacation, when the number of unaccompanied children on a flight reaches the maximum allowable number and execution of documents may take some time.

NordStar Airlines strongly recommends filling in the proposed form of the Agreement in the required number of copies well in advance and presenting it to the representative at the airport of departure.

If it is not possible to print the AGREEMENT FOR UNACCOMPANIED MINOR CARRIAGE, the AGREEMENT may be filled in at the airport of departure.

We recommend arriving at the airport of departure well in advance to allow time for filling in the AGREEMENT and execution of all necessary documents.

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