NordStar Airlines (JSC NordStar Airlines) together with AlfaStrakhovanie OJSC offers you to purchase a comprehensive in flight passenger insurance policy. After booking and paying for the order you will receive a policy formed by the system in the form of a pdf-file. The file containing the policy will be sent to your e-mail address specified at the time of booking together with the itinerary receipt of NordStar Airlines electronic ticket.

Thanks to this unique technology you don’t need to additionally contact the insurer in order to get the policy in paper form — you just need to print the policy yourself.

The insurance policy protects your life and health to the amount of up to 400,000 rubles, luggage from loss (destruction) and damage — up to 40,000 rubles, and against the flight delay — up to 6,000 rubles. Reliable protection in case of unforeseen situations during the flight will cost only 250 rubles1.

If you purchase the insurance in addition to the turn-around flight, the price of the service will be 500 rubles.

Detailed terms and conditions of insurance, as well as the table of insurance claim payments, are set forth in the Terms of public offer for conclusion of the insurance agreement.

Purchase the insurance

1 - Amount of the insurance premium for one and each Insured for one and each of segments (legs) of the flight is indicated. For each of the Insured passengers, whose data are entered at the time of booking and payment for the air ticket on, a separate insurance policy is formed. The total cost of the service (size of the insurance premium) for each of the insurance policies is calculated separately on the basis of the number of segments (legs) in the booked flight. Segment (leg) of the flight is understood as carriage between successive points of take-off and landing of the aircraft indicated in the itinerary receipt of the electronic ticket as a separate flight.