Seat Selection

There is Seat Selection service for convenience of passengers flying with NordStar Airlines. You can select a seat near the window, in the passage or the enhanced comfort seat for yourself and the companions traveling with you.

How to buy the service

  • When purchasing the ticket on the website of NordStar Airlines.
  • After purchasing the ticket using My Orders service.
  • When passing Online registration.
  • At any ticket agency 24 hours prior to the flight departure.
  • At the airport of departure upon starting the flight check-in.

Seat Selection is not provided for unaccompanied children as well as for passengers flying with animals.

Enhanced comfort seats

Seat Selection service provides an opportunity for the passenger to choose an enhanced comfort seat and get additional comfort in economy class cabins.


  • Location at the beginning of the economy class cabin (immediately after the business class) and/or near emergency exits (for a certain category of chartered flights seats in the business class cabin are also referred to enhanced comfort seats).
  • Increased seat pitch - the distance to the chair located in front is increased by 25 cm compared to other rows in the economy class cabin.

For a certain category of regular and charter flights Enhanced Comfort Seats also include seats in the business class cabin. You can learn about the possibility of booking Enhanced Comfort Seats in the business class cabin when checking in online.

The Enhanced Comfort Seat is not an analogue of the business class, it only implies accommodation of passengers in the business class cabin and does not include additional services available to the business class passengers.

You can choose an enhanced comfort seat on regular and chartered flights of NordStar Airlines, performed on Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 737-300 aircraft.

Privileges to the participants of “Easy to fly!” Program

Золотой статус
Платиновый статус

For participants of Easy to Fly! loyalty program with Gold and Platinum status enhanced comfort seats are provided free of charge1 at the airport of departure, when the participant contacts the NordStar Airlines contact center - 8-800-700 -8-007, or via feedback form.

Cost of the service

Места в салоне самолета Seats in the aircraft cabin - from 300 rubles

Места повышенной комфортности Enhanced comfort seats - 1,000 rubles or 30 euro2

Места повышенной комфортности Enhanced comfort seats - 1,500 rubles or 30 euro2

Места в салоне бизнес-класса Seats in business class cabin – 2,000 rubles or 40 euro2

Boeing 737-800

Boeing 737-300

ATR 42-500

The service cost return conditions

In case of voluntary changing of the terms of the air carriage agreement or voluntary refusal of the passenger from transportation, monetary funds paid for the Seat Selection service are not refunded.

Return of Seat Selection service cost is carried out in cases involuntary refusal of the passenger from transportation, in case the carrier unilaterally terminates the contract for the passenger air transportation, as well as in cases of impossibility to provide the service for the following reasons:

  • In case of type of aircraft change and impossibility to provide the service.
  • In case of flight cancellation and impossibility to provide the service.
  • In case of a passenger's transfer from enhanced comfort seat to another seat (not included to the category of enhanced comfort seats) during the flight in order to ensure safety.

When a passenger applies for money refund for Seat Selection service, the passenger must fill in the return application form.

You can get additional information about the terms of the service provision by calling NordStar Airlines contact center - 8-800-700-8-007.

1 - provided that enhanced comfort seats are available.

2 - at flights performed from foreign airports